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Your financial support enables the continuation of the Lesbian Herstory Archives. Make a tax-deductable donation through the Network for Good.

Donate to the Archives

You can donate material for placement in our Collections (books, videos, CDs, DVDs, t-shirts, magazines, journals, graphics, etc.)

You can donate your personal or organizational papers and memorabilia and we will create a Special Collection for you.

Help us to help prepare for the future growth and the financial continuity of the Archives. Include the Archives in your estate planning.

A Note on Donations

The Lesbian Herstory Archives sustains itself through the generous donations of Lesbians, friends from the extended community of caring individuals who support our work. We set our budget and expenses based on the money we receive, not on our projected hopes or dreams. We are well aware of what needs to get done and have the knowledge base and expertise to do it. However, we only take on projects that have expenses when we know we have the funds. Every year our financial statement lists our donations, the sources of the funds, and our expenses. We are debt free and pay our bills promptly and in full.

Photo: Christopher D. Brazee/NYC LGBT Historic Sites Project, 2016.

Monies come from a number of different sources including:

Occasional small grants.

Contributions in honor of  special occasions and celebrations such as birthdays, commitment ceremonies and weddings.

Lesbian organizations wanting to make a donation or closing down and looking for a home for their existing funds

Individual donations from the worldwide community: Visitors to the Archives, those who know of our work, those who have heard us speak or have seen our exhibits, those who read about our work, all send in funds.

Workplace matching grants and workplace charitable giving.

Donations from individuals via Benevity, Earthshare and other workplace programs.

Royalty payments from the Cenage Microfilm Projects and project support and royalty payments from the EBSCO Projects have been a significant income source in the past several years and should continue to provide revenue in the future.

Estate bequests after the death of a community member.

Donor advised charitable funds.